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Shop By Traditional Indian Attars

Amazingly beneficial pure traditional Indian attar is now within your reach

India is blessed with some rare natural herbs which are known to possess some wonderful properties. These aromatic herbs are not found anywhere else in the world and we use such kinds of herbs to extract traditional Indian attar! The unending efforts of Aromaoilstore have made these herbal products available for rest of the world.

Feel the divine potential with our traditional Indian attar

Considered holy by the people of various religions, the traditional Indian attar is extracted from some rare flower petals in the natural conditions. This is the herbal product of great value which has divine powers. You can now enjoy the soothing aroma and great benefits of such auspicious Indian attars at your place with the efforts of Aromaoilstore.

The attars saturated with the fragrance of flowers

Our traditional Indian attars are saturated with the fragrance of flower. We use sandalwood as the base or fixative for the extraction of pure traditional attars while keeping its natural properties intact. The Indian attars actually improve with age and if you are fortunate enough to have one such attar then you can feel the magic. Buy online from Aromaoilstore some rare and old traditional Indian attar.

Traditional Indian Attars
Cucumber Oil

Regular Price: 250ML: $38.67

Sale Price: 250ML: $29.00

Lemon Oil

Regular Price: 50ML: $55.00

Sale Price: 50ML: $42.35

Palmarosa essential oil

Regular Price: 100ML: $62.86

Sale Price: 100ML: $47.77

Sesame Seed Oil

Regular Price: 50ML: $95.00

Sale Price: 50ML: $70.30