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100% Natural and Pure Cashew nut oil

Cashew nut oil
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Cashew nut oil

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Cashew nut oil Description

  • General Name:
  • Cashew nut oil
  • Botanical Name:
  • Anacardium Occidentale
  • Cashew nut oil is also referred to as Cashew shell oil or CNSL oil.
    Cashew Nut Oil - We are the leading supplier and manufacturer of 100% natural essential oils.
    Buy 100 % pure and fresh cashew shell oil form our web store. We have manufactured this oil by using the natural resources so, it is completely unadulterated. Our store renders it at a very realistic price. We have made every possible effort to display all the correct information but, it is possible that it may have lacked somewhere. We advise you to take proper advice of a medical practitioner before using this oil.
  • Method of Extraction:
  • Cold pressed method
  • Part Of Plant Used:
  • Nuts of the plant
  • Origin:
  • This oil was originated in North East Brazil. Mostly, areas having tropical climate are rich in this oil.
  • Precautions:
  • Since, this oil is many times considered to be toxic so, it should be used only after the advice of a doctor. Pregnant ladies and children are advised to not to use this oil. Also, the people who are suffering from the problem of kidney stone should not use this oil.
  • Blends Well With:
  • Not with all but this oil has a tendency to blend with some particular oils.
  • Scent:
  • Cashew nut oil has a mild smell.
  • Integrant ::
  • This oil contains unsaturated phenols. It includes Cardanol, Methyl Cardol, Anacardic acid and Cardol.
  • Properties:
  • This oil is basically pale yellow to dark yellow in color.
  • Therapeutic properties::
  • It works best when applied to warts, corns, cancerous ulcers, elephantiasis and even in ringworms. Cashew nut oil is also helpful in healing cracked heels and is great in fighting against fungal infections. It has been seen that some people who are related to the field of fashion and beauty use this oil to remove all the skin of the face so that a new one can grow.

Regular Price 50ML: $44.00

Cashew nut oil

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