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100% Natural and Pure Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Oil
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Frankincense Oil

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Frankincense Oil Description

  • General Name:
  • Frankincense Oil
  • Botanical Name:
  • Boswellia Frereana
  • Our Frankincense oil is also referred as Frankincense essential oil, oil of boswellia frereana or olibanum, King of Frankincense Oil.
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    Although we have tried our level best, but it is possible that the information provided by us about the frankincense oil may not be 100% complete. It is advisable to take medical advice before using the Frankincense oil for treatment purposes.
  • Method of Extraction:
  • Steam Distillation
  • Part Of Plant Used:
  • Oleo gum resin
  • Origin:
  • It originates from Middle East. Earlier, Egyptians used to use this oil as an offering to god and also as a part of rejuvenating face mask. They also use it for banishing evil spirits.
  • Precautions:
  • Being non-toxic and non-irritant, it can be used by anyone.
  • Blends Well With:
  • Frankincense oil mixes well with myrrh, lavender, bergamot, orange clary sage, neroli, vetiver, sandalwood, pine, lemon & benzoin
  • Scent:
  • Frankincense oil has strong - balsamic, Smokey woody and alluring scent.
  • Integrant ::
  • The main components of the oil are a-pinene, bornyl acetate, actanol, octyl acetate, linalool, incensyl acetate and incensole.
  • Properties:
  • Frankincense essential oil has shown centering effect on the emotions and hence, used for meditation as well as spiritual growth. Its antiseptic and astringent properties have made it an excellent option for healing wounds and preventing scars. 
  • Therapeutic properties::
  • Frankincense oil shows various therapeutic properties such as astringent, cicatrisant, antiseptic, carminative, cytophylactic, diuretic, digestive, emmenagogue, expectorant, uterine, tonic, expectorant and vulnerary.

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Frankincense Oil

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